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Never Forget Omar

Never Forget Omar

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'Never Forget Omar' is a book aimed to enlighten young minds about the struggles faced by children growing up in conflict zones and how we can extend our support to them. In these challenging times, this message is more important than ever. We believe in making a difference, one story at a time.

Read the blurb:
Join Koko, a vivacious seven-year-old with a heart full of curiosity and kindness, as she navigates the everyday joys of childhood. Yet, beyond the comforting cocoon of her routine, Koko learns about Omar, a child like her but living in the shadow of conflict. 

This book is not just a story; it's a call to action. Through the lens of innocence, it beckons readers to embrace empathy, foster gratitude, and become advocates for a brighter, more inclusive world.  

It empowers children to be agents of change, urging them to amplify the voices of those, like Omar, who are unheard, to challenge inequality, and to work towards a society that actively practices gratitude and extends helping hands to those less fortunate.

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