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Amira stands out as a distinguished figure in the realm of mental health, embodying multiple roles as an educator, researcher, counsellor, and author. Her expertise spans a comprehensive range of subjects, including self-management techniques, the establishment of healthy boundaries, achieving work-life harmony, and nurturing positive mental well-being.

With a focus on individual counselling, Amira offers her services to a broad age group ranging from 6 to 25 years at Sculpt, Adelaide. Her approach is tailored to meet the unique needs of each client, employing evidence-based practices to foster growth, resilience, and healing.

In addition to her counselling work, Amira is deeply committed to mental health education and advocacy. She designs and conducts impactful workshops for schools and organisations, aiming to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the complexities of mental health. These workshops are crafted to be engaging and informative, covering a variety of topics pertinent to both educators and students alike, thereby promoting a more informed and supportive community environment.

Amira's contributions to mental health extend into the literary world, where she has authored three children’s books. These books have garnered significant popularity across Australia, testament to their relevance and appeal. Available in bookstores, libraries, schools, and online platforms, her works serve as valuable resources for children, parents, and educators. The themes of her books align with her professional expertise, offering young readers insights into self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and the importance of mental health from an early age. Through her storytelling, Amira aims to make complex concepts accessible and engaging for children, fostering an early appreciation for the importance of mental well-being.

Mental Health Education

Amira has delivered tailored mental health workshops for schools, universities, and organisations, aligning her sessions with their core goals. Her expertise encompasses self-management, establishing healthy boundaries, achieving work-life balance, and nurturing positive mental health. Additionally, she has facilitated seminars on identifying and managing big emotions (for children), and the intersection of mental health and religion.

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