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Amira Shahin is a recognised mental health educator, researcher, counsellor and author. Her areas of expertise include self-management, healthy boundaries, work-life balance and fostering positive mental well-being. She counsels individuals ages 6-25 years in private practice and completes educational mental health workshops for schools and organisations.

Amira is an author of three children's books which are in high demand in Australia, with her books being available in relevant bookstores, libraries, schools and online.

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Mental Health Education

Amira has delivered tailored mental health workshops for schools, universities, and organisations, aligning her sessions with their core goals. Her expertise encompasses self-management, establishing healthy boundaries, achieving work-life balance, and nurturing positive mental health. Additionally, she has facilitated seminars on identifying and managing big emotions (for children), and the intersection of mental health and religion.

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Pledge to Charity

Charity holds a special place in Amira's heart. Therefore, with every book purchase you make, we pledge to donate a portion of our profits to a selected charity each month. Stay connected with Amira on Instagram (@eastsidecounselling) to discover which deserving charity will benefit from your support!

To the left is an image from early 2024 where Amira donated all profits of her book "Never Forget Omar" to Human Appeal Australia. Together we were able to raise over $7,000 towards humanitarian aid and support in Palestine.

Since this date, we have been able to raise over $5,000 in book profits and donated to MATW, Human Concern International, Launch Good and more.

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