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'Never Forget Omar' Awareness Bracelet

'Never Forget Omar' Awareness Bracelet

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Stand Up for Children in Conflict with the "Never Forget Omar" Awareness Bracelet

Are you passionate about making a difference for children caught in conflict zones? Introducing the "Never Forget Omar" bracelet, inspired by the best-selling book that has touched hearts worldwide. This elegant and meaningful accessory is designed not just to be worn, but to ignite conversations and spread awareness about the plight of suffering children globally.

Worried about scrutiny in professional or educational settings? This discreet yet impactful bracelet offers the perfect opportunity to engage others in meaningful dialogue without confrontation. When people ask, "Who is Omar?!" you’ll have the chance to share stories and facts that illuminate the struggles faced by children in war-torn regions, fostering understanding and empathy.

Proudly wear your support on your wrist and know that with every bracelet purchased, you're not just raising awareness—you're also contributing to change. We donate 50% of all proceeds directly to humanitarian efforts aiding children in third-world countries. Visit our Instagram page @eastsidecounselling to learn more about the specific charities we support and see the tangible impact of your contributions.

Join us in making a difference. Wear your bracelet, share Omar's story, and be a beacon of hope and education in your community.

Polyester Embroidered Tassel Bracelet with Woven Letters, 15.5cm long. 

Buy 5 or more bracelets and automatically receive 20% off. Purchase a bracelet and the Never Forget Omar book and receive 30% off your bracelet.

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